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During the holidays in July 2011 I decided to teach myself to crochet. Iwanted to keep a diary of my journey but I'm hopeless at writing so I thought I'd try blogging.
So why not join me on my journey, friends are always welcome and the kettles'always hot. So come on in pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.
Luv Sandra
"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

Friday, 30 December 2011

Candy Wrapper Bags

Back in November I discovered a gorgeous bag, the candy wrapper bag. I really wanted to know how they were made so I had a search on the Internet and found some You tube clips and decided that I would have a go at making one myself.The first one I made I used an old Landscope magazine which is a Western Australian conservation magazine which i covered in cellophane to water proof it.
The clips that I used were not always that clear but i got a good idea of what to do.
It took me about a week to finish this bag ( I added the zip latter)

This was such a fun project. I did a lot of the folding while watching TV or during my lunch hour at work. When you look closely at the squares you can see faces, shoes, place names and a lot more. I made a couple of mistakes but for a first attempt i am really pleased.
After doing this one I did a bit more research on the internet came came across the following website
How to make a candy wrapper purse. That was the best find. Kevin from DIY Dork who made this tutorial has given heaps of really helpful tips and hints, It was worth every penny I paid and more. It was from here that I found out how to sew in the zip.

I then went on to make some more bags

I made this bag using some cheap wrapping paper $1 per sheet. I think I ended up using 6 sheets. I also used cellophane to waterproof these.

The material I used for this bag was a find in Spotlight. It is a spun fabric which doesn't fray and folds really nicely and only cost $12 for a pack of 12 sheets and for this bag I used 2 sheets of each colour. For the handle I threaded pearl beads and silver love hearts on some jewellery wire. Because this bag is made from fabric i didn't have to waterproof it.
I'm really happy with how this bag turned out.

For this bag I used holographic wrapping paper which cost about $3.50 per roll and I used 1 1/2 rolls. For this bag I used Kevin's tutorial on how to add a flap and also how to great the [polka dot effect. As this paper didn't need to be waterproofed but was very thin I added some paper to the inside of each square. This made it thick enough and strong enough to fold. I really like the look of this bag but and not happy with the way it finished up.
Although the paper didn't need to be waterproofed I didn't realise that the ink can be scratched of. This means that some of the writing from the book are showing through.Next time I make a bag with this I will try adding a layer of cellophane to protect the paper.
I guess it has a distressed look a bit like me when I realised what was happening half way through the joining.

I did make one other bag but for got to take some photos. This one was a small tissue packet holder for my MIL birthday. For this i went to the local charity store and bought a stack of gardening magazines and used the pages with the nice flower pictures on the. These I covered in clear packing tape. I will try to get some photos one day.

I am working on one more but it's a little tricky so it's in the WIP basket waiting for a time when I feel relaxed enough to finish it.

I have been crocheting some items, I will catch up on photographing and then blogging them.

Lots of Love and BIG bear hugs all

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Yes I'm still here

Well it's been a while since my last blog but I have been busy. I've made some candy wrapper bags a little jumper and another granny square top. I will take some photos of the bags and jumper later but here is a scan of the granny square top
The flowers on the bottom are a light pink not white and the one on the top is a dark pink not red. But it gives the idea.
I started this project this afternoon after lunch. I wanted to do a quick project and here it is. I'm really happy with the results.
I will take some photos of my other projects and update my blog.
I'm off to bed now
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite:)
P.S. These are the first flowers I've crocheted I go the pattern from Attic24 . I love her blog it's always very colourful

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Albany show and two new projects

This past weekend was great. On Friday the boys and I went to the Albany show. Police Rangers does fund raising at the show. They do this two ways one by manning the entry and exit gates and the other is with a drinks van. This year Paul Dale and myself helped out on the gates. As a thank you you get free entry to the show. So after 11am we were free to room around( the boys worked from 9-11am).This year Paul and Dale went of with some of Paul's class mates which left me to wonder around on my own, YES!! I got the opportunity to wonder through the stalls and displays at my own pace without hearing "Can we go to the side shop now?" every 5 minutes. I found a number of cute teddies, some kids books, lavender lollies some choc. coated pretzels (really yummy). The books and teddies were fund raiser items the chocolate was because I could :)
I love the colours in this lolly jar

But my Big find was this bag.
This bag is made by a company called Nahui Ollin they make bags purses etc from folded lolly wrappers. I fell in love at first sight. Unfortunately I could only afford one bag so I settled on this one, which is my colour, but one day I hope to get more.
Paul and Dale started on the gates at 9am but I didn't start till 10am so I had an hour to kick around so I went into Spotlight to see if I could find some yarn to do some crochet squares. While I was there I saw some of the yarn used to make the ruffle scarves. I have seen these on other blogs and the yarn in the shops but have never felt game enough to try. I don't know why because they are really easy. I didn't get to start before I started on the gates but I started it while I had some time to spare while waiting to meet up with Paul and Dale. At the show the Baptist church has a tent were you can go to have a break, they provide free tea, coffee and cake and also lots of kids crafts.
It took me a little while to get it working for me, it didn't help that I got chatting to a lady in the tent. I finished it that night while recovering from the show, I don't think my bank account will recover for a while yet. I really like the effect and may even keep it for myself, not that I wear scarves that often.

The other project I completed this weekend is this basket 

I got the inspiration to line this basket from the blog Attic 24. I've had this basket for ages I had even painted it a light blue, I don't remember why. So on Saturday I bought some fabric and today between church services I whipped this up, I even made a cover to lay over the top of my work. I am really happy with the results.
Well I'm off to work on another ruffle scarf and then early to bed.
Luv Sandra

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New model

I had a very successful day shopping today I bought a model for my crochet work. She is beautiful air head who's rather empty ;0.
Isn't she Just beautiful?

Any way this afternoon I took her outside to take some photo's of the work I have finished. First i tried taking photos inside but it was to dark on the account of it being rather stormy outside. The light outside on the other hand was perfect on the account of it being stormy :)
So here are the photo's
Granny Square top


Baby Blanket
Adorable Crochet Dress

Childs Poncho

I love the way the photos worked. Having the clothes hanging on the model gives it some body.
She is well worth the money I will have to spend on feeding her :)
I think I'll have to give her a name.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heidi Bear

I've started a new project it's the Heidi Bear
I think she's gorgeous. I've done two rounds of the body and am currently making the hexagons for the third round. Having fun with this project.Today Maddy got hold on one of my balls of yarn and made a BIG mess. Oh ****. Having fun untangling it. The thing is she look so pleased with herself when she nabs something like that so it hard to be angry with her for long.
Of to bed ready for another busy week.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Well It worked the bean bag fits and looks really cool. We had to attach it with upholstery tacks because it would keep pulling of. The other kids in the woodwork class were very impressed, now they all want to make one. Maybe they should talk to their Mum first :).

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seat top bean bag

Today I made a bean bag for Justin's rocker seat. I had to design and draft the pattern and then sew it together. It was even more tricky because the top of the seat isn't an even sided octagon but it had two different length sides. I took photo's as I went
Normally I don't bother with marking the cutting line/seam allowance but I thought that maybe with this I should do it right
Making the pattern for the bag panels
Base with zip

Cutting the bag panels
Trying to pin on the top circle. The bag is hanging over the floor lamp.

Finally managed to work out a way to attach the top circle

Having fun, NOT, putting the elastic in.

The finished bag before it goes on the rocking seat.
Hopefully it fits on, it's really hard trying to make something like this without the item close at had. Justin has kept his seat at school to put in the Arts and craft display at school next week.
The plan is to try it one tomorrow. If I remember I will take a photo.
I don't mind sewing but I work much better from a pattern.
Comment of the day "It looks like you bought it" I felt really proud to receive a comment like that.
Back to crochet tomorrow, I'm planing to start my Lollo African Flower bear.
Sleep tight
P.S. Today I started a new blog 365 1/4 Blessings

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Finished !! :)

Today I finished the baby blanket that I was working on and it's turned out even better then I thought it would. I was surprised at the amount of yarn the edge took it was a good thing that i had bought an extra ball early on. Well here's the end result
Ebonee likes it
So does Maddy

With flowers from my own garden
I'm really happy with how that turned out, now I will have to think of someone to give it to.
Of to do some house work :(.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Overflowing mail box

I love it when i come to my driveway and I can see that the mailbox is full. It means that my latest order from The Book Depository has arrived. I love the Book Depository the kids books are soooooooo cheap and I even get some books for myself. I do prefer to go to the library for myself as I read a book once and that's it. The boys however can read a book 100's of times. Any way today I was really happy because MY book arrived

I have seen this book referred to on a number of blogs but particularly SIBOL and I just fell in love with the squares so I decided that I would treat myself.
Dale also thought the overflowing mailbox was great as 4 new Guardians of Ga'hoole books arrived for him.
I have been working on some projects. This project I started soon after making the uncool mittens. The pattern is the same just made up into a blanket. 

<><> <><> <><>
To finish of I first added a row of white. Because the edges were not straight I used a combination of SC HDC DC to fill it in and create a straight edge all around. I decided that this looked a Little boring so I started adding an extra border in the multi coloured yarn. Straight way it looks more finished and the edge I'm using is making it go wavy which is a nice effect.

While I was at the Stirling's I started making some tinny squares for a love heart blanket. I think that will be a while I'm waiting project :)

On another note, today I did the funniest thing. I was putting up a display in the library for remembrance day and I thought I was doing really well, I even took photos to send to a Library display blog that i follow. It wasn't till about #pm that I realised that I had made a BIG mistake

<><> <><> <><>
I think that's meant to be Remembrance Day :)
I put the words up without checking the spelling and that I had the correct letters. My spelling has never been my strong point but this was taking it to a whole new level. I laughed so much when I saw it. I made a few changes but will have to make a new M on Thursday, at the moment I'm using the extra E on it's side. Other than that I think the display looks great.
Well I had better go and cook dinner and tonight I hope to finish the baby blanket.