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During the holidays in July 2011 I decided to teach myself to crochet. Iwanted to keep a diary of my journey but I'm hopeless at writing so I thought I'd try blogging.
So why not join me on my journey, friends are always welcome and the kettles'always hot. So come on in pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.
Luv Sandra
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Amazing Achievement

I really want to share somebody else's achievement today. This is the story of a young girl who I taught to crochet during the Christmas/New Year holiday. She has watched me crochet and is always interested in what ever craft I am doing so I agreed to teach her to crochet while I was working on my heart blanket. It only took her a couple of days to master the basic granny which she worked on till she ran out of yarn on the ball I gave her but that was OK as between her and her Mum they worked out how to add a different colour when they got home.
Then during this past week we have been enjoying swimming lessons at the beach and Miss L said she had made a beanie but it wasn't working so I printed of a very easy to follow beanie pattern found here on Ravelry.
Then this morning she very proudly showed me her finished beanie


Here she is with her finished beanie

She even add the ribbon

I am very chuffed with my adopted niece's achievements. Well done Miss L I'm looking forward to seeing your other project's 
Luv Aunty Sandra

P.S. see the needle book and hook roll on the table in front of Miss L I made those for her yesterday will blog about then another day.

((((( HUGS)))))

Friday, 4 January 2013

Technicolour Heart Crochet Quilt

I can share another blanket that I have finished as it is now at it's new home.
This blanket has been in my UFO box for some time. I had seen the pattern early on in my crochet journey and when I was in Perth I saw some cheap yarn which I bought to do the project, little realising that there is a vast difference in yarns. I then started it and became thoroughly disheartened when I thought I was going to have to make 420 2 round granny squares and then sew them together trying to match my sewing thread with contrasting colours. so it went in the UFO box for another day. Well that other day come about 4 weeks ago. DJ and I had to travel to Rockingham for my brother's wedding anniversary which is a 41/2 to 5 hour trip each way. I needed a project to keep me entertained and this was the one to do the job.
After having a good look at the pattern I decide to join the squares using the join-as-you-go method that Lucy from Attic 24 has put together a great tutorial for.
This worked really well but toward the end it got rather warm and heavy which wouldn't normally matter but I was finishing it of while on holiday with temperatures in the mid 30's.

Here it is

Technicolour Heart Crochet Quilt by Cherry Lacey

Pattern info:
The web page were I got this pattern from is no longer available but you can get the pattern from here
Yarn "Needles" brand 100% Acrylic in red, orange, yellow,green, dark, blue purple and white
size 4mm hook
I'm really happy with the way it turned out even though I would not use this yarn again.
Started 1st Dec 2012
Completed 2nd Jan 2013

Here is the blanket being blocked

All those pins, they are a bit hard to see but they are there ALL my pins. It took a while but was really worth it

Love the colours, they are not my first choice when I go looking for yarn but I really like the way the colours pop.

Lots of Love

Friday, 30 November 2012

ABC blanket

I finally finished another blanket. I was just making because I liked it but then got a bit bored with it so it got put aside then I heard that one of my nieces was having a baby boy. As soon as I heard this I knew what I would give her. So out came the hook and squares but silly me I had written down the wrong size hook so my square ended up to big after some trial and error I worked out which hook was correct and within the week it was completed. Here it is in all it's bumpiness

For the border I first did a row of hdc and then a row of bobbles. I'm really happy with the way that it turned out and would make another. I like the way that it is brocken up by the cream border and joins.
The original idea come from over here

Friday, 28 September 2012

Baby Blanket

Baby blanket Ta-Da

Material 8ply 100% Arcylic Marvel brand
7 Round basic granny
2 rounds white
1 round light
1 round dark 1 round light
2 rounds white
The squares are joined with sc on the front
First I made 3 round basic granny squares
1 round light
1 round dark
1 round light
I joined these to the blanket and each other using Lucy's join as you go method
Then I did 2 rounds granny clusters then Lucy's Granny blanket edge

When I joined the squares together I didn't want to have a very obvious pattern like I did with my granny square blanket So I came up with this design

As you can see there is a pattern but once the blanket is all together it looks like the blankets are randomly put together unless you are someone who sees patterns were ever they are.

I really loved working on this project. It is one of those easy relaxing do in front of the TV type projects. I really didn't want to give it away until I heard that my niece and her husband's baby had been born and then the parting wasn't hard at all. She phone yesterday to say thank you (I couldn't make it to the baptism so her mother-in-law took it up to her) which was really sweet, and she told me it gets used every night :)

I have another blanket in the making. This one is for me but it is on hold while I make some squares for a community prayer blanket for some very deserving ladies.
Till next time

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Birthday dress

It was my great-nieces' birthday this week. I was wondering what to give as a present when it come to me that the other dress I made for her might be a bit warm for summer so I decided to make her a summer dress. Like always I start these things at the last minute. I bought the yarn and material on Tuesday and had to finish for Saturday morning, nothing like a bit of pressure to sharpen the mind and speed the fingers.
Here is the end result

For the bodice I made 8 daisy squares from Bunny Mummy and joined them together with a whip stitch through the back loops only, I didn't make circle as I wanted a button closer at the back. The shoulder straps I attached by joining my thread where the straps started and sc till the were the length I needed I didn't attach them at the back as I wanted adjustable straps. Once I was happy with the straps I sc around all the outside edges.
The bottom frill I made up as I went, this was also when I joined the bodice together.
 For the skirt I cut two pieces of fabric 50cm long  and sewed the side seams. On the hem I added a lace edge. The top was gathered to the correct size. I them sewed bias binding over the gathered edge so that it would be more comfortable on the skin.
To attach the skirt to the bodice I simply sewed the skirt along the top of the bias binding edge and along the bottom of the bodice just above the purple sc.
For the straps I attached two buttons to each strap which can them be buttoned up along the daisy squares, no need to make button holes :)
For the back closure buttons I made some loops of a chain row with sc.
dress elements
I also made a little bag to go with the outfit as I had heaps of time HA HA, and I made it really straight forward one no thinking or planning, yeah right!!
I made two different sides one side is 4 daisy squares with 3 rows of clusters (Granny Square style) around and the other one is a single daisy square made to the same size as the other side.
The sides are rows of sc.
I made a liner with leftover material from the skirt and added a magnetic closer
The bag

I really enjoyed this project and would defiantly make another dress along this line but I think maybe I should give myself a bit more time (yeah right!!).
I have another ta-da to share but I still have to sort out the photos.
Bye for now and bear hugs to all
P.S. See the flowers in the first picture? DJ sent them to me at work on Monday just to say I love you. What a man!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Edged fleece blanket

A while ago I picked up some fleece blankets at Textile Traders with the view to crocheting an edge on them for baby gifts. Here two that I have done, I did do another but I forgot to take photos and I just gave it away today.

To edge these blankets I have done a row of sc around the edge and the a fan of 5dc in same sc skip 2sc sc in next sc repeat around edge join with a ss.
Very easy and very therapeutic.
To get the spaces even for the sc I used a skip stitch blade to cut a row of holes around the edged. This is the coolest blade which makes edging blankets really easy.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On and Off the hook

Hi All
School holidays are over so it's time to do some catch up work and what better way to start than by updating my crochet progress. It also helps that it is cold and wet outside and warm inside.
First is my ABC blanket which I blogged about last time. I have now finished up to letter R although most still need their outside round on cream. These photos where taken at Shannon River where we went for some R&R during the holidays.

ABC Blanket

While we were in Shannon I decided to try making a few Daisy squares. These are ones designed by Krystal for charity blankets. I had seen blankets made with these around the web and really liked them so when I found the link for the pattern I decided to give them a  try. To get the pattern you need to join Krystals yahoo group and she asks that all those who receive the pattern send her one completed square for her charity blankets which I think is a great idea. What a great way to spend some of my R&R by doing something for others.
I had a few goes at getting it right. The pattern is well written but I have a very bad habit of skim reading and then wondering why things aren't working. Also there is not internet service in Shannon so I couldn't have a look at the great tutorial videos she has a link to. I really enjoyed making these squares as they are different and a bit challenging but not to hard. I made two while we were away and will defiantly be making more

Krystal Daisy Squares

I've been following Michelle from Michelle made me as she has been making her hexagon quilt/blanket. Now I've always liked the crazy homeliness of these quilts and can remember one of my sisters making one, I can't remember but I have have even done some. But now would not be a good time to start making one as I don't have the time or the room to fit in another craft so when I saw this crochet blanket I knew that I would be making one.
Photo source
So before we left for Shannon I raided my yarn stash printed the pattern and packed it in the camper. Here are the few that i made in Shannon River, I have since made more I think that it will be one of those project's I have in the car for those times when I have to wait for the boys.

Granny's Flower Garden Afghan

Granny goodness

Above on the right is a stack of my granny squares and hexagons that I had with me in Shannon River. On the left is another blanket I am making that I worked on in Shannon River. I can't remember where I saw this idea I'm sure I'll come across it again one day.
I am also working on a child's sweater which I don't have any photo's of yet.
And last but not least I am working on something for me a SKIRT!! yes a skirt. Those who know me know that I hardly ever wear a skirt, sometimes a dress but rarely a skirt. So why I skirt? Because this one I will be able to wear over a pair of pants/leggings. I know that's cheating but I really wanted to try this out. I look for a crochet skirt that I liked and in the end found a poncho pattern that I am using for the skirt. I will only wear it if I'm happy with it but I really wanted to try this.
Poncho Skirt
For this skirt I am using a yarn call Liquide which i got from Spotlight. It is really nice to work with. The only problem with it is that it is almost impossible to frog as it has lots of little fibers like mohair which get caught together. Other than that I'm really enjoying working with it. It would be really nice to make a scarf or shawl with it

Here are a few projects that or off the hook

Granny Square blanket

I started this one to help get my crochet mojo back awhile ago. I raided my yarn stash as i didn't want to spend any more money on a craft I was loosing interest in, ha ha not any more I'm not. The squares are 1 round white then 3 rounds of colour, then I round of chain 3 loops and the final round of white joining as you go from Attic 24. I than did a border of 2 rounds sc in white and then a row of fans using a white with coloured flecks. Very easy, very cute and very therapeutic, I highly recommend it to anyone who needs R&R out at home without the red wine.

Sampler blanket
This blanket I made using Panda magnum Soft 8ply. It has the feel of soft wool but without the allergy problems. I am allergic to wool so I can't work with it. This yarn was really nice to work with and I will be using it again. The squares that I made for this blanket all came from this book which I treated myself to a while back
I picked blocks that I liked and then choose a colour scheme. My only rule was that when the blanket was made up it would have alternating blocks one with colour one plain cream. I joined the squares using sc on the front to create a ridge and then for the border I did 7 rows of granny strips and then finished with Lucy's granny edge. I'm really pleased with the end result.

Gilet with Hood

This jacket is made with Marvel 8ply in red and cream I used the pattern in this book
The pattern is really easy to follow. I love the projects in this book.

Lacy Jacket

This is another project I made from the above book. I can't remember what yarn I used I have it somewhere but can't be bothered looking right now (I think I've spent a bit long behind the computer). The colour is not true on the photos. It is actually a soft blue and white mix, it was rather dark the day I took the photos.

Well I think that is all my crocheting caught up on. Next time I will show you some photo's of Shannon River.
Lots of Luv