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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Birthday dress

It was my great-nieces' birthday this week. I was wondering what to give as a present when it come to me that the other dress I made for her might be a bit warm for summer so I decided to make her a summer dress. Like always I start these things at the last minute. I bought the yarn and material on Tuesday and had to finish for Saturday morning, nothing like a bit of pressure to sharpen the mind and speed the fingers.
Here is the end result

For the bodice I made 8 daisy squares from Bunny Mummy and joined them together with a whip stitch through the back loops only, I didn't make circle as I wanted a button closer at the back. The shoulder straps I attached by joining my thread where the straps started and sc till the were the length I needed I didn't attach them at the back as I wanted adjustable straps. Once I was happy with the straps I sc around all the outside edges.
The bottom frill I made up as I went, this was also when I joined the bodice together.
 For the skirt I cut two pieces of fabric 50cm long  and sewed the side seams. On the hem I added a lace edge. The top was gathered to the correct size. I them sewed bias binding over the gathered edge so that it would be more comfortable on the skin.
To attach the skirt to the bodice I simply sewed the skirt along the top of the bias binding edge and along the bottom of the bodice just above the purple sc.
For the straps I attached two buttons to each strap which can them be buttoned up along the daisy squares, no need to make button holes :)
For the back closure buttons I made some loops of a chain row with sc.
dress elements
I also made a little bag to go with the outfit as I had heaps of time HA HA, and I made it really straight forward one no thinking or planning, yeah right!!
I made two different sides one side is 4 daisy squares with 3 rows of clusters (Granny Square style) around and the other one is a single daisy square made to the same size as the other side.
The sides are rows of sc.
I made a liner with leftover material from the skirt and added a magnetic closer
The bag

I really enjoyed this project and would defiantly make another dress along this line but I think maybe I should give myself a bit more time (yeah right!!).
I have another ta-da to share but I still have to sort out the photos.
Bye for now and bear hugs to all
P.S. See the flowers in the first picture? DJ sent them to me at work on Monday just to say I love you. What a man!!

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