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During the holidays in July 2011 I decided to teach myself to crochet. Iwanted to keep a diary of my journey but I'm hopeless at writing so I thought I'd try blogging.
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Monday, 26 March 2012

Long weekends and top class dinning

Hello All
Well that was a long unexpected break. It took me a looooooooooot longer to get over the accident than I thought it would, but I’m all good again.  Then when I thought I was better I succumbed to another round of thrush.  icky! So I decide that this time I would go on a cleansing diet. So away went the yeast, dairy and sugar. What a journey that was/is, there is sugar in everything and yeast and dairy in just about everything else. The first week was rather hard as I suffered from sugar cravings and also toxin overload as the yeast died of. But I got through that and am starting to feel more energetic and am losing weight YES so far 4kgs.

Life hasn’t been all bad on the long weekend in March (Labour day in West Australia) we packed up the camper and headed down to one of our favourite camping spots, Torbay Inlet. It is bush camping with no facilities but we are self-sufficient so that’s not a problem.
Our campsite for the weekend

The boys on the inlet

Paul with Maddy
The weather was fantastic.
One evening after dinner I went for a paddle down the inlet I just managed to get a couple of photos as the sun set. They are a bit blurry because I didn't have a tripod.

My trusty companion, Whenever someone went on the kayak Ebonee HAD to come along

Not a very flattering shot but this is where Ebonee loves to stand

A couple of mornings I got up early about 6.30 had a bite to eat and then went for a paddle. It is so calm and peaceful it's really hard to turn around and go back to camp
Part of the remains of the flood gates
This is the large "lake"part of the inlet. I paddled around there the first time I went out but I forgot my camera

As you go up the inlet on the right is part of the rain water drainage system for the potato farms. I paddled up this for about half an hour.

Maddy managed to take Ebony's place up front but Ebony didn't mind. but it did lead to a few little swims.

The reflections in the water were amazing

We are hoping to go back again during the April school holidays

I also have been spending some more time down at Mutton bird beach which is the beach were then inlet opens on to. Last Wednesday I decide to take the dogs to the beach. So after doing the house work I packed my lunch and headed down to the beach.

The view from my table

My lunch companions

My dinning table

I have been doing some crochet but haven't taken any photos so I'll save that for another day.

Lots of love to all


Pam said...

Good to see you back! The reflection photos are awesome!!!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

great post...but those dogs are melting my heart -- i mean HOW CUTE does it get!!!! : ) hugs...