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During the holidays in July 2011 I decided to teach myself to crochet. Iwanted to keep a diary of my journey but I'm hopeless at writing so I thought I'd try blogging.
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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Alycia dress

I know I have been quiet for a long time but the crochet needle has been very busy. To day i would like to share a dress i finished yesterday for a very special little girl. I got this pattern from a book I found in the local book store while looking for an Asterix book for my son's birthday, i know the comics and the sewing books are not even on the same side of the store:).

Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench
I saw this book and feel in love. So home it came with me. I really wanted to make some of the outfits in this book but as I have grown boys I couldn't make anything for them and i have enough outfits in my present basket. So i decided i would ask my niece if she would like a dress for her daughter. Well the long and the short of it is that she has been having trouble finding nice modest cute dresses for her daughter so would love one. That was last week Sunday. I knew exactly the dress I would make this one. It is called toddler dress which I think is a very boring name but an absolutely gorgeous pattern.

So one Monday morning i went to our local spotlight to get some suitable yarn because of course i don't have any suitable yarn in my stash

By Saturday evening it was finished
TA DA.............!!!!
Bodice detail
Skirt detail

I am so happy with how it turned out. There was a few mistakes in the pattern, which really annoys me, if I'm going to pay for a pattern I expect it to be correct but i figures it out and all is good. I lined to skirt with a very simple skirt which i sewed in just to make it warmer and it also picks out the pattern.

I have some more items I have finished but I need to take some photos. So one day when i have some time I'll take some photos and share with you all.

Lots of Love


Laura said...

This is gorgeous!! I think I've seen this book and there are some stunning patterns as I recall. Hope she loves it!! lol x

Pam said...

So, so pretty!!!

glor said...

How beautiful is this dress. I now have to go and see if I have this book. Such a gorgeous little pattern and what a wonderful job you did.