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Saturday, 9 June 2012

WA Day long weekend

Hello All

Last weekend (2nd -4th June) in WA was WA day long weekend (formally foundation day long weekend). We had decided to go camping with some friends at house beach which is past Bremer Bay. Sound good?  Well on Friday evening/Saturday morning we received around 150 ml of rain in Albany and we experienced an amazing thunderstorm. It did not look promising for our weekend. But we all decided to go anyway and if we couldn’t get to our planned destination we would try the caravan parks in Bremer Bay.
As we travelled the sky began to clear and our hopes began to sore and then we came to the gravel road.
Let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t driving. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.
I don't think Super Ted really wanted to watch

Don't be deceived the road is gravel with a high clay content which makes it VERY slippery

A regular sight

Just a few of the puddles we drove through

After our rather interesting trip in we arrived safely at our destination and found that we had the place all to ourselves.

Enjoying the sun outside our camper
On Sunday we decided to do some exploring along the coast. We have been to House Beach a number of times but our camping companions haven’t so we took them exploring.
We stopped in at Drage’s beach after having a quick look we decide to explore some more and then come back for lunch.

From there we went and had a look at Doubtful Islands/Shark Alley.

We did a little more driving

and then David spotted some Emus in the distance.

We then went back to Drage’s for some lunch.

Monday morning was really relaxing everyone got up in their own time. The boys decided they needed a fire so after awhile we all gathered around the fire and had coffee and just relaxed.
Here's a few more photos from the weekend
Maddy having a whale of a time with her new bone

The she decided to try to dig to Tibet to look for her ancestors.

After lunch of pancakes, which the blokes cooked we packed up and headed home. By this time we had had almost 2 days of sunshine and wind to dry the track which meant that it wasn’t as slippery but was now starting to harden up into lots of ruts and corrugations. We decided that puddles are much better then killer whoops (corrugations).

On the crocheting front I am busy working on a blanket at the moment. It is a version of this blanket
ABC Baby blanket
This blanket is made as one piece but I didn't want to work on such a big blanket as I often take my work with me when I pick the boys up from School, Work, bible study etc. so I decide to make each letter it's own square and then join them together. I've also made some squares with pictures for the corner square rather than the plain ones. So far I am up to the letter M but for some reason I missed the Letter J so will do that next. I will take some photos next week and give you a sneak peek.

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