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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Beach, bag & bracelets

I finished another candy wrapper bag this week. This time I decided to try and make it with a square/flat base. After having a search on the internet I found this web site which had some really good info Nannybird Crafts. I then went ahead and cut up some more landscope magazines and took them to the beach. At the moment the one little peep is doing swimming lessons so I HAVE to sit at the beach ALL day long (lessons only take 35mins). The weather has been really great so we have lazed around at the beach almost all day.So after folding, joining and answering questions I come up with this

For something different I made two rows with pieces that only had writing on them. The difference is really amazing.

This is how the base finished up.

Because the base was larger I didn't want to do the normal zip closure as this would pull the bag in tight at the top and reduce the size of the bag inside. So I come up with this idea

I sewed some material to the edges of the zip to make it the width of the opening and some extra to sew it to the bag. I still have to tighten the stitches on the end of the zip but for the rest it worked really well.
I first tried to make a liner for this bag but it didn't work so I settled for this.
I am really happy with how this turned out. I made a few mistakes along the way which was really good because now i also know what not to do.
I also spent a day and a half making candy wrapper bracelets with lots of girls at the beach. My SIL took some photos so I'll get some copies and share with you the fun we had. In the mean time here are some of the bracelets I made

Till next time
Have a great day


Pam said...

This one's set off really nicely with the cane handles. I like the effect of the two rows with text. Thanks for sharing...

Ana-Lu said...

Great bag!