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During the holidays in July 2011 I decided to teach myself to crochet. Iwanted to keep a diary of my journey but I'm hopeless at writing so I thought I'd try blogging.
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Friday, 27 January 2012

I'm feeling rather stiff and sore today

Yesterday was Australia day
so my husband (DJ) and I decided to take a motorbike ride
Not his bike but one like it source 
out to Denmark, a town close to were we live, have coffee come home and then go to the beach for the rest of the day. The forecast was for 29 a perfect day to laze around. Well that was the plan. This is what happened.
When we were about 17kms outside Denmark  DJ suddenly pulled over to the side of the road and pulled of his helmet a bee had flown in through a 2cm gap between the visor and the helmet and stung him on the temple.

DJ is allergic to bees but doesn't always have much of a reaction, it usually depends on the type of bee, so we decided to push on to Denmark and go to the hospital. As we were going I noticed that he started getting itchy, not a good sign but he kept going. I tried to talk to him but he couldn't hear me. Anyway just as we came into Denmark there is a sharp corner (it is circled in red)

I wasn't aware but by this time the reaction was really kicking in (his erratic riding should have alerted me) any way he came around the corner too fast and couldn't react fast enough so we veered on to the wrong side of the road and hit the gravel and lost it , we were about 2mins from the hospital.

The result; the adrenaline from the crash kicked in and stopped the reaction to the bee sting but DJ was very disorientated and his left side was all grazed. With in seconds of the accident there were lots of people helping out. It has reinforced my faith in humanity. The ambulance was called and my husband was soon stabilised. we were then taken to the Denmark hospital where we both received attention for our scraps and cuts. I needed 4 stitches in my left knee and a few metres of fixomull , the best bandage in the world, on my grazes.
My parents then took me home. DJ on the other hand needed to be transferred to Albany hospital as he had fallen very hard on his side and also had chest pain.
At the moment he is still in hospital because he didn't want me to have to try to help him as he was in quiet a bit of pain and couldn't really move, but he was given the all clear as far as broken bones etc.
I am rather stiff this morning although not as bad as I thought it would be. I waiting to hear from David but I think he will come home this morning.
I am very thankful to my heavenly Father who spared our lives and also protected us from major injury to us or someone else.
I am also very grateful to my parents who came out to pick me up and give me a much needed hug and to my boys S & J who have done everything for me, my BIL Graham for looking after P & D for an extra night and also for our friends Joe, John and Patrick who have organised to pick up the motorbike today. A big thanks goes out to all our friends who have been praying for us and doing all they can to help.
A big thank you also goes to Kim from Denmark windows and his partner who talked to DJ when I couldn't, who held my hand when I got scared and also organised for the safe storage of the bike, and also to all the others who I don't know the names of who helped out by directing traffic helping DJ and I and dispensing looks of hugs, you were all amazing.
If you have come this far on the page thank you for sharing this story with me and thank you for letting me unload.
Bye for now


Pam said...

That's an Australia Day you'll never forget. Hope you are both back to normal soon.

The Bold Abode said...

Oh mercy! I am glad you are both O.K.!