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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A trip to Red Cross and two more dresses

While I was in town today I stopped past the Red Cross op shop and picked up a bag full of children's tops for $3 I also found two really good quilt covers that I will cut up to make dresses. I also found a beautiful pillow case that I had to make into a dress and I also found some bandannas to use for the skirt of a t-shirt dress.
So here's two more dresses I made today
The white boarder complete with cute butterfly where already on the pillow case, so I didn't add any extra trims.
For this dress I used a small t-shirt and then cut a circle in two bandannas and sewed them all together. I used a tutorial from Girly things.
For the button I used the piece of fabric I cut from the centre of the bandanna. I sewed a tacking stitch all the way around the edge about .5cm in and then gathered it as tight as I could. I then sewed a button over the gathering to hide it and then sewed the whole lot on to the dress.
I think I had better do some folding now L
Hooroo for now

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Heather Green said...

So cute! Nice find with the pillowcase! :)